Effectiveness of administration pain management in orthopedic patients at Phichit Hospital


  • A Rom Tham Kawin Wong
  • Nanthasiri Saengsawang
  • Siriwan Bun Yuen


    Pain is a major symptom in patients orthopedic. Pain management is both  pharmacological and non pharmacological. Pain management is an indicator  to the quality of patient care. This study aimed to compare the efficacy  of administration pain management in old practice  guild line and new practice  guild line. Study  interrupted time in orthopedic ward. Pain management was used by old practice guild line. According to medical self-determination by nurse, or patients request. During June and July 2557 (80 patients), and pain management was used by  new practice guild line nursing care according to pain score. During August and September 2557 (80 patients).

     The pain assessment every 8 hours  records nurses note the five days  or discharge. Assess satisfaction with pain management at one time every day in the  morning.  Analytical study with exact probability test, t-test, rank sum test, Test the difference  decrease  of the pain scores between groups by multi-level regression.

    Results: Patients were administered pain management by new practice guild line. Level of pain decreased compared to the group receiving the pain management by old practice guild line (p < 0.001). The new standard has been nursing care according to level of pain (p < 0.001) and increase satisfaction (p < 0.001). Effectiveness of administration in pain management, according to new practice guidelines relief pain, increase appropriate nursing care, and satisfaction. So that we should be used new practice guidelines for nursing care patients with pain

Keyword:   pain, pain management, satisfaction, patients, Orthopedic. Nursing Practice





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