Nursing Care for the Pregnant Woman with Eclampsia and Complication from Hypertension Disorder : Case Study


  • Nongnut Witthaya Chok Ki Ti Khun


    Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) with eclampsia is a complication, which is a leading causes of maternal and child death. It is defined as high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine usually after the fifth month of pregnancy. The purpose of this report was to promote the quality and standard of nursing care of the woman suffering from PIH with safety and without complications. The case study was the pregnancy woman who was 26 years of age. She was 35 weeks pregnant on her 2nd gravidity. She came to the hospital with twice seizures and developed unconsciousness. The physician treated her by putting on an endotracheal tube with Bird’s respirator, a pressure–cycled controlled ventilator.  With her severe condition, especially pleural effusion  the physician decided to end the pregnancy by caesarean section operation. A pre-labor stage before operation was a critical period of the patient. Nursing care of the patient with PIH are as follows:  1) provide essential knowledge to prepare the patient both physically and mentally and her relatives before operation to reduce anxiety and coordinate to the treatment, 2) administer anticonvulsive medication and assess the signs and symptoms of induced convulsion, and 3) keep emergency supplies such as cardio pulmonary resuscitation device available. After operation, the patient had seizure once. The physician then, put her on endotracheal tube with Bird’s respirator again. Nurse had to monitor the respirator’s function, the abnormal signs & symptoms and the side effects of the medications.

    To prevent the complication of PIH and complete the quality of care, nurse should be knowledgeable and highly skillful in providing nursing care according to patient’s needs and problems to save her life. Moreover, consultation and good relationship to the patient and her relatives are essential to promote mother’s safety and health of infant.

Keyword:  Eclampsia, repeat seizure, pregnant woman





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