Outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease in Phichit province in 2003


  • Seri Wuttinunchai
  • Jidapha Yuphan


    This  epidemeologic  study  of  outbreak of  hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD)  in  Phichit  province  from 1 January   2002 - 31  December  2002  were  found  245  patients,  ages  range from  8 mouths to 15 years old. Maximum range  was within  1-4  years old. Epidemics  tent  to  occure  most  in  urban  areas then rural areas. Peak  incidents  were  found  in  June (73%) and  July (20%). Epidemics  disappear  within  4  mouths. The  male  and  female  ratio  was  1.3 : 1  All  patients  found  to  have  fever,  oral  ulcers  and  erythematous  maculopapular  eruption  on  hands  and  feet. Almost  all  patients  were  treated  by  outpatients  except  only  one  had  been  hospitalized  with  dehydration. All  patients in this reports were recovered completely  without complication.

    No specific treatment and vaccine for HFMD are available at the present time. The promoted educational programs on the importance of frequent hand washing, how it could be prevented and how virus is transmitted  are important to prevent and control the outbreak.