Trauma Audit in Phichit Hospital in 2003 - 2004


  • Suthep Sinkittiyanon
  • Warin Chirathongkhamchot


Trauma management system is very complicated, critical and the patients have to passed  many  processes. If  a  management deficiency  occurs  in any process,  it  will  bring  about  the  complication  or  mortality. To  improve  the  quality  of  traumatic  care in hospital, it is necessary to know all  deficiencies  occurring  in  the  process  in  order  to make  an  efficient  and  timely  development  plan. Trauma audit committee, Phichit hospital, therefore, set  up  the  trauma  audit  system  to  explore  the  management   deficiency  and  preventable  death  in  78  traumatic  patients  dying  during  October 2002 – September 2003.  The  study  revealed  that  there  were  37  contributed  to  mortality. The  preventable  death  was  10 cases (12.8%  of  dead  cases).  And  89 traumatic patients dying during October 2003 – September 2004. The  study revealed  that  there  were 21 contributed to  mortality.  The  preventable  death  was  4 cases  (4.5%  of  dead  cases) .  This  study  had  created  the  trauma  audit  model  and  information  used for improving  the traumatic management system and reducing the management deficiency and  preventable  death.





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