Project Evaluation Research of Action Plan on Drug Abuse Prevention In Maung Pichit District


  • Phornwit Tanticharoen
  • Phongphan Theerawattanasak
  • Sunthon Kitiwan


The main purpose of the Project Evaluation Research of Action Plan on Drug Abuse Prevention In  Maung Pichit District 2547  is  to analyse and assess the drug solving  Operation of Maung Pichit in 2547 by means of the cipp model as an evaluative conception through gathering documents, working plans , projects and the report of working results  along with the questionnaire  designed by the researchers in order to elicit  the opinions among  drug operating  staff  numbering 107 people  as well as  135 volunteers  from  Prasanpalang Pandin Project. The main themes of the questionnaire principally deal with operation of narcotic solving , the satisfaction toward its work, the data analysis through content analyses, percentage , averaging  and varient deviation.  It  has been found that the evaluation prior to carrying out the work blends well with government policy and drug problems. That  is to say, although the narcotic suppression bureau ranks  the drug problems in Pichit at the slight level in the year 2546, the number of drug addicts showing at Pichit  hospital for drug therapy and treatment during the drug fighting scheme of the government  reached up to 367 which is considered  the highest  figure in the province together with the continual  report of drug abuse among students. In 2547, the government  lauched policies and strategies aimed at preventing and solving drug abuse for purpose of making strong  community and  becoming drug-free areas everywhere. Therefore, the planning and drug –solving, project of  Maung Pichit have been  constantly executed since 2546  and place much emphasis on the vigilance by limiting it  at controllable level. This is fit to the problem situate and necessity which is based on the planning structure and activities on the basis of  academic conception.   For the importing factors, it was found  that  the resource  preparation, the structure  of working  staff and the project  implementation are interlinked and  able to integrate the work from  all  working units and drug problems in communities in the same direction with the continuous supports and collaboration from the drug-fighting center of Maung Pichit.  The  evaluative  findings  in terms of working process  and the Maung Pichit drug abuse preventive project in 2547 consisting of three planning and 13 projects found that  problem-solving activities met the community needs , the target specification , success indicators and the working results had been achieved in the specified duration apart from those achievements, a number of opinions from different working staff collaboration in “ Tambon operating Team “ numbering 107 found that opinions toward the drug abuse suppression action of the Maung Pichit in 2547 were in satisfactory level ( X = 3.84, S.D. = 0.53 ). In terms of production evaluation , the planning  achivement, the changes  of drug abuse, it has been found that when compared with those appearing to gain the drug treatment of 367 people in 2546  and 16 people in 2547, it can be seen that the violence of drug abuse problems  dramatically declined, but contant  supervision on  Drug abuse must be performed.  When considering the suppression results by Pichit Police Bureau as well as the attempts to buy drugs directly from the dealers, it seems likely to be the return of drug  abuse. For  the satisfactory evaluation among the Prasanpalung Pandin volunteers numbering 135 people, it has been shown that the satisfaction toward this project was in the satisfactory level as well ( X = 4.42 , S.D. = 0.61 )





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