Efficacy of Treatment the Child who had closed fracture femur with the new instrument that helped us to apply hip spica cast in phichit hospital


  • Wittaya Prathinthong


Objective : To  assess  the  result  of  treatment  in  child  between 2-10 years  who   had  closed  fracture  at  the  mid  shalf  of  femur  by  Hip  Spica  cast  with the  new   instument  in  Phichit  Hospital.

Method  :  Treatment  out  come  in  the  patients  who  had  fracture  femur  by  the     new  instrument  and  follow  in  a  prospective  study.

Result :  From September  2001 to  September  2005  the  20  patients  between  2-10  years  who  had  closed  fracture  at  the  shaft  of  femur  were  treated  by  immediate  Hip  Spica  cast  with  the  new  instrument  that  we  called  Phichit  Hip  Spica  cast.  Everybody  had  good  result. Two  in  fifteen  were  change  in  the  new  Hip  Spica  because  the  unaccept  aligment  followed  immediate  check  by  fluoroscope  in  the  operating  room.  The  minor  complication  that  found  were  four  in  fifteen  patients  and  there  was  no major  complication. The union  time  of  all patients were  6-8 weeks.

Conclusion :  The new instrument that we treated the child who had closed fracture at the shaft of femur  was effective and good result.