The results of the avian preventive behavior of the people in Amphur Muang Phichit


  • Viriya Eiwprasirt
  • Jarupa Kongros
  • Sasalak Boonset
  • ศุภกาญจน์ ปุณกะบุตร
  • Sittidech Wilasinee


The main objective of this survery research was to study the avian influenza preventive behavior in outbreak time of the people in Amphur Muang Phichit. 400 persons who live in Amphur Muang Phichit on August-September 2006 were selected sampling. The avian influenza preventive behavior questionnaires of Health Education Division were used for data collection. Frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation were used for data analysis.
    Results showed that the major of samples had good knowledge about the avian influenza, good and fair behavior in the avian influenza preventive behavior, excepted the poor behaviors about cooking and, no use of gloves to contract the illed poultry and spill out discharge water on the ground that are the important avian influenza preventive behaviors. Everybody had perceived and had enough  information for knowledge of the avian influenza. The most common media to perception were the volunteer health persons, Television and radio, ordinary. The sample groups had awareness to report the massage when they found the poultry dead in there house and neighbor. They bring up cocks by nature, fighting cocks and ducks by cage. The destroy the excretion by nature.





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