Spectum of tuberculosis in patients with HIV infection in Sawankalok hospital


  • Namphon Dechayonbancha


    A retrospective study of HIV  infected  patients  with  tuberculosis  who  recieved  antituberculosis  drugs  in  Sawankalok  hospital during  January  2004   to  April  2007. 40  HIV  infected  patients  with  tuberculosis were enrolled in this study. The  mean  aged  was  38.17  years  and  male  to  female  ratio  2.3 : 1.   Symptoms  at  presentation  include  fever  (75%),  weight  loss  (47.5%),  cough  (42.5%),  malaise  (40%),  dyspnea  (20%)  diarrhea  (15%)  and  increase  in  node  size  (15%).  The  most  common  chest radiographic finding was bilateral reticulonodular infiltration. The mean CD4 lymphocyte count was  65  cell/mm3. 26  patients had completed the  treatment  of  tuberculosis.  Relapse  occurred  after  completion  of  treatment  in  2  patients. There were 7 patients died while  recieving  treatment. Inclusion, HIV  infected  patients were high risk to extrapulmonary tuberculosis and disseminated tuberculosis.

Keywords : Tuberculosis, Human  immunodeficiency  virus  infected  patients





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