The Report of the Investigation of Being Poisoned after Taking Coral Plant Seeds among Students at a Secondary School in Phichit Province


  • Santisit Khiao Khoen
  • Charuwan Pha Op Lek
  • Sitthidet Wilasini


The study of being  poisoned condition after taking Coral Plant Seeds among students at a secondary school in Phichit Province on November 29th, 2006  is a descriptive research of which  purpose is to assure the diagnosis and the disease spread, to examine the characters of its spread and also to find it sources, There are the ways of  transformation that people have received . Furthermore, the study would find the prevention steps and control the disease by collecting the patients, data  from the medical records and searching for those from other schools and communities. The researchers collected samples of plants, sent them to be analysed and identified their types. Especially, they investigated the documents about plant poisoning in order to find the causes of disease and the ways of preventing and controlling it.
    The result is that there are 5 patients ; boy students, average age of  13.5 years old. They study in M. 1/2  at the same school . They started  to have a stomachache, a headache, felt asleep and vomitted violently . One of them with the blood had diarrhea. The cause was taking Coral Plant Seeds. Their classmate took them the seeds at 8:00 am. For about 9:45 am, all 5 patients began to be poisoned violently. Their advisor brought them to Phichit Hospital. After being examined, the patients were sent with the samples of plants to the experts for analysis. It is found that the condition is caused by taking Coral Plant Seeds. All patients had been got better after being cured. There were not any other new patients like that. This is because of the students, enthusiastic behaviour. By the reason, the offices that involve should give information of plant poisoning continually and particularly emphasize the hazards that likely try the strange that concern the drug.





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