Placental infarction in teenage pregnancy


  • Nissana Singshakam


   A- 16 – year-old  primigravida  woman  had  the  first  visit  antenatal  care  at  the  health  station  near  home, when the gestational  age  was  20+6  week  by certained date, bood  serology  all  negative.  There  was  a  problem  of  the  fundal  height  less  than  the  gestational  age  at  32  week  of  pregnancy but early  detection  and  further  investigation  was  not  done.

    At  36  weeks  of  pregnancy,  she  came  to  the Taphanhin Crown Prince Hospital with the chief  complain of abnormal vaginal bleeding and labor pain and the ultrasound findings were abnormal placenta  (thickness1.5 cm. and focal hypoechogenicity  especially at the placental margin and the maternal  floor ) and oligohydramnios. while she was being  admitted to the labor room, the fetal distress was  detected so the cesarean section was done. The intraoperative findings were wide placental infarction  (more than 1/3 of the placenta), 250 grams by weight, umbilical cord diameter is 1 cm., with average length of 35 cm., severe oligohydramnios and the female  newborn (APGAR score =  0, 3, 4 ) 1,260 grams by  weight, breech presentation and  Maturity score was  34 weeks. The diagnosis was severe IUGR and  severe  birth asphyxia. After birth the newborn was  intubated and resuscitated, and  then  transferred to the Phichit  Hospital, 4 day later she was dead due to severe  sepsis.





Case Report