Most Common Cystic Lesion of The Jaw: 2 Case Reports


  • Suriyoen Chu Rattanakon


       Radicular cyst is one of the most prevalent type of odontogenic cyst and associated with inflammation in tooth root area. Radicular cyst is common seen in maxillar and over 30 years old.  Dentigerous cyst is the second most common odontogenic cyst and associated with crown of unerupted or developing tooth. Dentigerous cyst is more  common seen in mandibular third  molar.

      This article report two cases of odontogenic cyst in maxilla , first is large radicular  cyst and the other    is dentigerous cyst in children. Both, treated by marsupialization and subsequent enucleation. When postoperative follow up 3 months, no any sign of complication or recurrence of cystic lesion.

   Keyword : odontogenic cyst, radicular cyst, dentigerous cyst.