Assessment of Disability, Socio–economic and Rehabilitation Needs of People Affected by Leprosy in Tak Province, 2017


  • Kittiphat Iemrod
  • Wanna Phusem
  • Nunnaphat Yuttaisong


     Rehabilitation of leprosy patients with proper care or self-reliance is important for equity and human rights. This study aimed to assess disability, socio–economic and rehabilitation needs of people affected by leprosy in Tak Province, 2017. The disability screening form with 8 items from the Raj Pracha Samasai Institute was used. The patient was considered to have disability if at least one of the eight items was found. Of the 81 registered patients in the leprosy database of Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, 41 were found in the communities and were screened. Of these 41 cases, 19 had disabilities from leprosy and were included in the study. Of them, 16 (84.2%) were male. The mean age of them was 62.7 years old. About 68.4% of them had no work and 84.2% had grade 2 of hand and foot disabilities. In-depth interviews revealed that people affected by leprosy had physical psychological social and economic problems. One case of them had many problems. The most crucial need was physical rehabilitation following by mental rehabilitation. The patients with hand and foot disabilities, their relatives and caregivers should be trained for self care. It is essential to encourage health care workers to follow up the patients with complete treatment at least once a year for surveillance and prevention of possible disabilities.

Keyword:  Disability, rehabilitation, people affected by leprosy, Tak Province





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