Factors affecting the obesity of the novice Wat Tha Luang, Muang Distric, Phichit Province


  • Kristsana Iamplian
  • Suporn Suporn Foopong
  • Orapin Wannakul


       Currently, the global prevalence of obesity has increased rapidly. The results of the survey of Buddhist Scripture School in Phrae Province, Nan Province, Lampang Province, showed that novice obese and obese increased from 16.19 to 18.02 percent (May 8, 2560). Thai people The prevalence was 45 - 59 years old, 28.4% male and 40.7% female. 2 And from the 4th Thai Health Survey 2008-2009, 12-14 year-old children were prevalent. Overweight and obese up to 11.93 percent. From this problem, Phichit Province has not studied the factors that cause obesity in the novice before. Researchers would like to study such factors. The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors affecting the obesity of novice Wat Tha Luang. By using the novices population at Luangporhet School, Wat Tha Luang, Amphur Muang, Phichit Province, academic year 2016, with the maturation period of not less than 6 months, 89 samples were sampled. By collecting questionnaire answers between June - August  2017. Descriptive  statistics  wered to analyze frequency, percentage, average amount and standard deviation and the inferential statistic Logistic Regression Analysis statistic define significance at 0.05

       The result showed  that the factors that affect novice obesity are five factors for the age of the ordination. Diets, rice flour, sweet fruits and vegetables were statistically significantly correlated with obesity. The results of the analysis were to find the equation for predicting the use of logistic analysis by factor-related factors. Obesity in five novices found that there are three factors : the period of ordination  rice and flour And eating sweet fruit has a common effect on obesity in the novice. Predictably 78.7% of the risk of novice obesity found that the novice ordination period was longer than twice (OR = 1.869) or between 1.167 Facts about sweet fruit are more likely to be obesity than those who do not have the sweetness of 1.5 times more (OR = 1.648) or between 1.152 - 2.354 (95% CI). Eating rice flour is more likely to obesity 1 times more  (OR = 1.165)  Or 1.008 - 1.346 (95% CI)

 Keyword:  Factors affecting the obesity of the novice, obesity





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