Nursing Care for End Stage Renal Disease Patient at Home


  • Premwan Di Yim


    Chronic Renal Failure is a situation of abnormal function of kidney caused by various causes. The common ones are high blood pressure and diabetes. To treat those in the final stage of chronic renal failure, the patients need to have a renal replacement therapy to eliminate toxic wastes out of the body together with curing at the causes of renal failure. This report of patient is a result of nursing of one who is in the final stage of renal failure at home, with record of former illness as high blood pressure over 30 years and palliative care until becoming worse and admitted into ICU for up to 6 months until being better, then sent back to community hospital for continuous care. The medical treatment patterns are medication and toxic elimination by hemodialysis at the community hospital twice a week. From health status data which was returned and all-around assessment on situation of patient at home, a type of home ward was applied for planning on patient’s home health care since the patient was bedridden with the care focusing on problem solving, respiratory care, bedsore prevention, promotion of fully nasogastric tube feeding for foods and medication, supporting to improve environment to prevent infection and psychosocial care in order to reinforce to enable the patients and their family to encounter the chronic illness appropriately. Family’s participation approach was applied at all processes of patient care so that the caregiver and family can take care of the patient at full  capacity and adjust themselves to the illness situation peacefully.

Keyword:  Endstage renal disease, Home health cares





Case Report