Environment and Dangerous Factors on Proceses of Laudry, Lamphun Hospital


  • Natthada Wisetsan


The purpose of study was to access environment and dangerous factors on proceses of Laudry, Lamphun Hotpital that emphasice on 3Ws included working environment, working condition, worker and interview about 10 practitioners. The result of the study was the Laudry’s practitioners had change in illness and accident from working environment. The first was the injury in skeletal muscle form improper posture, sitting, standing, walking for a long time and lifting manufacturer to higher ground. The second was losing hearing from the exposure to continuous noise more than three hours and do not wear hearing protectors. There had chance of infection and illness from contact with secretions from infected soaked rags and cloth. The results of laboratory tests were found bacteria, viruses and parasite from a wash cloth. It may be respiratory tract disease or skin disease from using chemical for washing cloth that has dust in the workplace while do not wear themselves. The officials had burns to the hands, arms, face, nose and eyes while scoop or pour subsitance. The Finally, there had chance of fire in departments due to the fuel tank, about a large capacity 2000 liters, installed near stream generators as a heat source. Addition to it has nearby laundry and fabric area which is a good fuel.





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