Practices Among Professional Nurses for Supporting Phichit Hospital to be a Health Promoting Hospital


  • Sirinath Sa-nguansub
  • Re Muan Nan Suppha Wat
  • Rattanawadee Chontawan


    Hospital based health promotion targets the health of individual including patients, staff and population in local community and also the health of the hospital organization. The  purposes of  this study  were; to  examine the level of professional nurses practices for supportingPhichitHospitalto be a health  promoting  hospital, and to study problems regarding the practices. The study  population were 208 professional nurses working atPhichitHospital. The  instrument  was  a  set of questionnaire developed by the researcher based on The 1986 Ottawa  Charter for health  promotion. The Content Validity Index (CVI) of the instrument was 0.93. The reliability of the instrument was 0.78. Data were analyzed using frequency, persentage, mean and standard deviation.

Findings :

    1. The mean score of practices of  professional nurses for supporting Phichit Hospital to be a health promoting  hospital  was at a moderate level (µ=3.31, σ=.49). When considering by subscale, the mean scores of the create supportive environment subscale and the develop  personal  skills subscale were at high levels (µ=3.69,σ=.43 and µ=4.02, σ=.51 respectively). The mean scores of the strengthening community action subscale and the reorient health service subscale were at moderate levels (µ =  3.10, σ = .74 and µ= 2.5, σ = .93 respectively). Only the mean score of the build healthy public policy subscale was at a low level (µ =  2.30, σ =  .78)

    2. The problems  regarding the nurse  practices for supportingPhichitHospitalto be a health promoting hospital were (1) Material problems : lack of equipments and supplies; (2) Management problems : lace of opportunity in coordinating with local community organization; (3) Personal problems : lack of understanding about the concept of  health  promoting  hospital.

    It was recommended that nurse administrators should organize the workshops and activities regarding health promotion  for nurses in order to enable them to support the health promoting  hospital.





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