Behavioral Surveillance System Among Male Conscripts, Phichit May 2005


  • Natthawan Chanthanakhon
  • Chitapha Yu Phan
  • Wilaiwan Yaprasit


     The purpose of the study about the behavior related to HIV infection of the male  army conscripts in a regular unit ofPhichitProvincein turn of May, 2005 was in order to bring this data for planning to control and prevent. AIDS from those and teenagers  inPhichitProvince.

     It was the study of epidemiology as description from the data of questionnaire of behavior watching out system related to HIV infection of Epidemiology Office, Disease Control Department, Ministry of Public Health. It was the second time of this performance in Phichit by using Epi. info version 6.04 Program to manage and analyse data by mean and percentage statistic.

     Owing to the study it was found that the average age of young men who became soldiers in a regular unit of Phichit in 2004 – 2005 was higher about 3 years. The average age was 20.4  in 2004 and 23.1  in 2005. 36.3% of them graduated junior high school, 36.1% were employees and 77.0% were unmarried. They used to have sexual relation 72.7% in 2004 and this increased to 78.0% in 2005. Most of the mates that they first had sexual relation were lovers and close friends 64.8%. Condoms were used fewer in their first sexual relation in 2004 – 2005 48.3% and 46.8%. The habit of using condoms every time in having sexual relation all year round of most of all groups decreased besides prostitutes. This group used the most condoms about 64.0%.

     When they knew that they got venereal disease, they understood better how to do. It was found that they took drug addict less. Normally they smoked cigarettes in 2004as well as 2005.

     It was also found that 40 soldiers or 8.9% in a regular unit of Phichit used to take methamphetamine. Ten of them used to work inBangkokandChonburiProvince. Injection was used less but drinking alcohol before having sexual relation increased 3.5% in 2004 and 5.4% in 2005. They were more careful a bit better. But their awareness of having only one mate that freed from HIV and the ones who looked healthy might get HIV decreased.                It showed that the tendency of a risk group who used to have experiences in sex was increasing in 2005 and the only youngest one was 8 years old. Most of the males that those first had sexual relation were lovers and close friends. Moreover condoms were used fewer with prostitutes.

     So campaigns on AIDS prevention and control for all groups should be acted urgently and continuously. It should reach all groups that they can buy condoms conveniently eg. From automatic machines, condoms should be available in order to reach the target of 100%.





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