Foreign body aspiration in children : A case report


  • Uriwan Loetwanatbodi


A 8 years old Thai boy with history of chronic cough, loud breath sounds, snoring, voice change and dyspnea on exertion during in 1 month. He refused symptoms of choking in the past. Physical examination found expiratory stridor, rhonchi, mild decreased breath sound at left lung. Chest X-ray showed mild hyperlucency at left lung. He was diagnosed as upper airway obstruction and suspected foreign body aspiration in respiratory airway. He was treated and confirmed diagnosis by transferring to Buddhachinaraj  hospital at Phitsanulok Province and underwent Direct laryngobronchoscopy . They found a piece of plastic cap 1x1 cm in size during lodged in trachea and completely removed foreign body. The result of treatment was good. Early and definite diagnosis from FBA score(1) by the tool was helping for us  in decision making to bronchoscope  otherwise  reduce mortality and complication of foreign body aspiration as well.





Case Report