A Study on the District Health System Management Capacity Building Project - การศึกษาการเสริมสร้างสมรรถนะการบริหารจัดการระบบสุขภาพอำเภอ


  • Krisada Sawaengdee
  • Kesorn Kongkam
  • Supapen Panawatanapisut
  • Juntima Nawamawat
  • Vipaporn Sittisart
  • Anonglak Panpromthada


           This study aimed to evaluate the district health management learning (DHML) project and formulate policy for district health team capacity building . It was conducted by document review using data from after action review reports and essential project’s documents; and employed the content analysis for data analysis. It was found that the DHML anchored participatory action and context based learning concept to design learning process. It promoted systematic learning, self-directed study and learning from networking. The DHML learning process used a “project” as a tool to continue the learning process. Learners worked and learned on duty in their community. Then they shared their experiences within and across learning team. Academic institutes, preceptors or facilitators reflected their learning. A learning and coordination center was assigned to coordinate stakeholders and managed learning process. Learning class met at least 5 times per years. Three learning outcomes were observed which were personnel, tasks and team or network development. The authors concluded that to achieve sustainable strengthening of the district health system it was necessary to develop health team’s capacities, synergistic and integrated work among communities, local government, NGO and health facilities. The micro systems approach has been proven to be applicable to building health team capacities. Thus, applying system thinking and quality improvement could enhance the personal, task and teamwork development. It was recommended that the PBRI’ s policy be targeted on promoting the affiliated colleges and other institutes to enhance management capacity, developing effective curriculum and learning process, and expanding the coverage of the DHML.
Key words: project evaluation, health team development, competency, district health system


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Sawaengdee, K., Kongkam, K., Panawatanapisut, S., Nawamawat, J., Sittisart, V., & Panpromthada, A. (2017). A Study on the District Health System Management Capacity Building Project - การศึกษาการเสริมสร้างสมรรถนะการบริหารจัดการระบบสุขภาพอำเภอ. Journal of Health Science of Thailand, 25(5), 854–864. Retrieved from https://thaidj.org/index.php/JHS/article/view/370



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