Maternal Age Effect on Pregnancy Outcomes in Phrae Hospital


  • Nuananong Wongkhankaew Phrae Hospital
  • Thanjira Puriakarathawong Phrae Hospital
  • Panatda Kantasate Phrae Hospital
  • Pongsiri Hongsriti Phrae Hospital


Background:       Adolescent pregnancy and elderly pregnancy have considered as high–risk situation that increased adverse obstetric and perinatal outcomes in pregnancy and newborn.

Objective:         To studied the association between maternal age and pregnancy outcomes in adolescent and elderly pregnancy who gave birth in Phrae hospital.

Design:              An analytic retrospective cohort study was performed. The subjected comprised 2,568 singleton primigravida pregnancy who gave birth between 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2019. The study group consisted of adolescents and elderly pregnancy while control group was normal pregnancy. Data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Chi square and ANOVA and Odd ratio with 95% confidence interval.

Results:             Results were found teenage pregnancy had statistically significant higher rate of anemia OR 2.13 (p=0.003), post term labor OR 4.28 (p<0.001), low birth weight OR 1.34 (p=0.04). Elderly had statistically significant higher rate of cephalopelvic disproportion OR 1.43 (p<0.001) and gestational diabetic mellitus OR 3.15 (p<0.001).

Conclusions:      Adolescent pregnancy has increased risk of anemia, low birth weight and post term pregnancy. Elderly pregnancy has increased risk of cephalopelvic disproportion and gestational diabetic mellitus.

Keywords:          adolescent pregnancy, elderly pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, Phrae Hospital





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