Effect of levothyroxine therapy on non-toxic single solidary thyroid nodule in Phrae hospital


  • Natthanin Sestawanich Phrae Hospital


Background: Single solidary thyroid nodule are a common problem in ENT department. Treatment by oral administration levothyroxine for a long time can effect patient’s system. Therefore, this research was study result of levothyroxine in this patients. To most appropriate and beneficial treatment in pateints.

Objective:      To study result of levothyroxine exposure on a nodular size change in non-toxic single solidary thyroid nodule. In patients who visited Ear Nose Throat department, Phrae Hospital.

Study design: Retrospective cohort study in treated patients with a single solidary thyroid

nodule, otolaryngology department, Phrae Hospital from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2020, 103 cases. Collected data from outpatient medical record. Using the record form and record size of thyroid nodule by palpation. Data were described using percentage, mean, and SD. The data was analyzed using   t-test, exact, probability test and Repeated measure analysis.

Result:          The 103 patients were 71 levothyroxine and 32 non-levothyroxine oral administration,18–60 years of age. Within the group receiving levothyroxine at initiation of treatment, the mean nodular size was 2.6±0.8 cm and the other group, the mean size was 2.5±0.7 cm. At 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 18th months tended decrease size of nodule in both groups. Changes in nodular size were found 0.155 cm per month (p<0.001) in the group receiving levothyroxine and decrease size faster than other group.

Conclusion:   Using of levothyroxine to in non-toxic single solidary thyroid nodules patients results in a faster reduction in the size of non-levothyroxine patients. But also reduce nodular size in both groups. Bring the result of this research to the patient’s dicision for effective treatment. If the pateints inrequeasting treat ment due to the excess of medication. Suggest in 12 months for maximum maintenance on reducing nodular size.

Keyword:      levothyroxine, nodular size, single solidary thyroid nodule, Phrae hospital





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