Effects of Professional Nurses Participation Program in Perioperative Nursing Care to patient Safety surgery Phrae Hospital


  • Laksana Chantrayotagorn Phrae Hospital
  • Kunchayarat Udkhammee Phrae Hospital


Background:    The prevention of surgical errors is very important to the safety of patients and the trust of service quality. Implementation of participant program based on Cohen & Uphoff ,1980 concepts The purpose of this study is to explore the nursing quality and safe nursing service of surgical nursing professional nurses. Surgery and nursing The use of participatory procedures leads patients to accept standard surgical quality and safety goals.

Objective:        To study the effect of the participation program of professional nurses in the implementation of the guideline of patient care on the quality of surgical nursing safety.

Study design: The sample consisted of 30 professional nurses, operating room, Phrae hospital. The instruments used for data collection were divided into 3 parts: 1) Participation program of professional nurses in the practice of patient care using the concept of cattle. Hein and Aufhof (1980) 2) Observation and review of nursing records 3) Satisfaction assessment of registered nurses in the program. In which the questionnaire was examined for the validity Content by experts has an IOC value of 0.60-1.00.                     

Result:             It found that the sample had a percentage of compliance with surgical patient care guidelines. It increased from 84.4 per cent to 92.2 per cent with an average score of compliance with surgical patient care guidelines. Before the program (=24.76, SD= 0.64) is close to the latter (=24.92, SD=0.27). After receiving the program, the samples had an average score of compliance with surgical patient care guidelines, no different from before the trial. (p-value=0.007) after receiving the program, the samples have a high level of satisfaction with participation programs, both overall and on the other side, (=4.42, SD=0.34)                    

Conclusions: Operating room nurses have similar levels of surgical patient safety both before and after trials. Professional nurses have been satisfied with the use of participation programs since the decision was made. The practice Receiving benefits and evaluations As a result, patients receive quality, standardized and safe services.

Keywords:       Participation, Quality of nursing, Service in surgical safety





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