Outcomes of the development of a surgical safety checklist among patients undergoing at Lamphun Hospital


  • Nattapat Attawong Lamphun Hospital


Background:     Development of care system for surgical patients according to the safety inspection standard of World Health Organization is an important practice to help strengthen the performance of the multidisciplinary team in the operating room.

Objective:        To develop clinical practice guidelines and evaluating the outcome of the development of a safety audit practice guideline in the care of surgical patients in Lamphun Hospital.

Study design: The sample is multidisciplinary in the surgical team of Lamphun Hospital include 54 people between July 1, 2020 and November 15, 2020. The instruments used in the research were clinical practice guidelines and surgical safety checklist. The tools used for data collection were knowledge assessments, Operational safety examination form for surgical patient care and the satisfaction assessment form for clinical practice guidelines. Analyze qualitative data with content analysis. The quantitative data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and paired samples t-test.

Results:            Results of the clinical practice guideline found that before using the guidelines found the incidence of error to the patient in the sign in for example, the consent sign is not correct for the surgery/wrong side/does not specify, followed by no mark site, no wrist tag contains items attached to the patient (17, 13 and 6 cases). In time-out no incidence was found. And sign-out found in the wrong storage of specimens and delivery of 7 cases. After using the guidelines the incidence of error was found to sign in found not wearing wrist tags, totaling 5 cases and only 1 patient attached an item. There was no incidence of error in the time-out. And sign-out 1 case of error in the storage of specimens and delivery. Nursing results it was found that after the use of multidisciplinary practices in surgical teams have the knowledge increased to a large extent statistically significant at the .05 level.

Conclusions:    The development of a safety audit practice in the care of surgical patients is a process of improving quality of service with a focus on efficiency in enhancing knowledge, awareness and appreciation in the implementation of the practice, multidisciplinary safety audits in the care of surgical patients in the surgical team accurately and efficiently.

Keywords:         clinical practice guidelines, safe surgical, surgical team






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