Nursing System Management Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) in Lamphun Hospital


  • Nudcharee Juneam Lamphun Hospital
  • Maleewan Kasettath Lamphun Hospital
  • Pornpimon Khunpradit Lamphun Hospital
  • Sasiprapa Tansuwat Lamphun Hospital


Background:   Coronavirus 2019 is an emerging infectious disease. That has a widespread epidemic there is currently no vaccine. Immunization are still being studied. As a result, the outbreak spreads quickly and is at a critical level.

Objective:      To study nursing system management COVID-19. Problems and obstacles nursing system management COVID-19 and develop a system of work and work practices for infected people and patients with COVID-19 Lamphun Hospital.

Study design: The samples used in the study were Medical personnel, nurses work in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, Lamphun Hospital totaling 175 people. Conducted research during June-November 2020. Research tools include healthcare readiness assessment form for COVID-19 and focus group. Analyze quantitative data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Analyze qualitative data with content analysis.

Results:        Nursing system management COVID-19, Lamphun Hospital overall is at the high level. (=3.95, SD=0.74) Both in the management of the respiratory disease clinic, Establishment cohort ward, Administration and general services, Personnel infection prevention and control, Cleaning and disinfection systems for wards, guideline in accordance, Inventory and support equipment is maintained and There is a clear and proportionate work system of medical personnel etc. And from work development activities by workshop found that Lamphun hospital personnel have the knowledge and skill of using PPE at the highest level (=4.26, SD=0.67). And they were satisfied with the activities of educating and using PPE at the high level (=3.86, SD= 0.68)

Conclusions: Education about infection prevention and PPE skills are available to health care professionals. It is considered a guideline for the development and improvement of effective and efficient work in the service of infected people with COVID-19

Keywords:     Management, Nursing System, Coronavirus 2019





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