The Development of Assessment Criteria to certify Health Literate Organizations and Communities to Strengthen the people from the Impact of pandemic of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19)


  • Wimon Roma Office of Senior Advisors Committee
  • Mookda Sumnuanklang Independent academician


Health Literate Organization, Health Literate Community


This research is a development research, it have a purpose to develop assessment criteria for quality assurance of the organization and health literate communities in Thailand. Populations are organizations and communities that operate according to the guidelines for developing health literate organizations. The sample size was chose a voluntary specific type, classified by setting, consisting of health service units, schools, workplaces and communities it totaling 8 locations. The Methodology consist of 1) Reviewing international’s knowledge on assessment with meta-analysis method and lessons learned the operations of health literate organizations and communities 2) Process of verifying the validity of the criteria review and lessons learned. 3) Try out the criteria to target group in 8 areas according to implementation science research guidelines. 4) Adjusting criteria for health literate organizations and communities. 5) Disseminate and expand the results of the assessment criteria for quality assurance of organizations and health literate communities. The results of this research were the criteria to certify health literate organizations and communities and success factors. It was an important factor for people to receive services and stakeholders to have health literate, there was skilled in managing health information and access to services until able to take care of their own health. In 2022, 5,000 hospitals using the criteria for development, 1,200 of which are self-assessed through the criteria, and there are 13 health literate hospitals and community models that have been assessed by district committees. The recommendations to push for a policy to use the criteria for continuous development and expansion.

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