Development of the New Normal Type II Market Model, in Response to COVID-19, Phuket Province


  • Supaluck Dumrongchua Phuket Provincial Public Health Office


Model development, The New Normal Type 2 market specification, COVID-19


The objective of this action research is to develop a new normal type 2 market model, in response to COVID-19, Phuket province. The samples were selected from the type 2 market that has been certified by the temporary market standards, at very good level of 5 places, that are the Downtown Market, Wat Thep Market, Mango Market, Ya Ong Market and Mae Kim Hua Market. That was divided into 3 phases: Phase 1, Planning, studying the situation of market, lead to develop a new normal type 2 market model. Phase 2, Take action, running a local experiment with a new normal type 2 market model. And phase 3, assessment of operational effectiveness for type 2 market model. Data analysis used descriptive statistics. The results revealed that in the pretest, all of 5 type 2 markets have passed the healthy temporary market benchmark, but have no implementing the prevention and control of the Coronavirus Disease 2019. Therefore the type 2 market model has been developed through social participation networks, that is the benchmark of a new normal type 2 market model. The criteria is composed of 40 questions in 4 sections: environmental sanitation, personal hygiene, food safety and consumer protection, in response to the pandemic of dangerous communicable disease. And then the new normal type 2 market, a model based testing, implemented with the type 2 market. The results revealed that the effectiveness of upgrading to new normal type 2 market model were Ya Ong Market that passed basic standards, and Mae Kim Hua Market is a good level based on standard. After the development, the overall satisfied, 58.0% of the merchant market were higher level than before, and 66.5% of the customers in market were higher level than before. Suggestion; expanding the new normal type 2 market model into new regions in Phuket.