Evaluation of the Residency Training Program in Dermatology at a Tertiary Care Center


  • Komkai Somboondee Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health
  • Worayuth Nak-ai Sirindhorn college of Public Health, Chonburi, Praboromrajchanok Institute, Thailand


Institute of Dermatology has launched the Residency Training Program in Dermatology (TRTPD) annually to solve the dermatologists’ shortage and serve the country’s health needs. The objective of this research was to evaluate context, input, process, and product of the TRTPD at a Tertiary Care Center, the Academic year 2020. The CIPP Model was employed for this evaluation research. Eighty samples were selected with purposive sampling method, including the administrator, medical instructors, residencies training in the first, second, third and fourth year, and other stakeholders. Data were collected by using a set of questionnaire that was tested for content validity. Descriptive statistics were applied to analyze the data. The results showed that the average total score of the TRTPD 2020’s opinion or satisfaction of all groups of the samples was at high level (Mean=4.11, SD=0.79). When considering of each aspect, it was found that the average scores of the opinion or satisfaction in the aspect of the context (Mean=4.24, SD=0.69), and the product (Mean=4.24, SD=0.51) were at high level, followed by the average score of the process’s opinion or satisfaction (Mean=4.05, SD=0.68). The average score of the input’s opinion or satisfaction was the lowest level (Mean=3.90, SD=1.26). The input of TRTPD 2020 had been provided appropriately and adequately. The process had been run under the standard and regulations of the Medical Council of Thailand. The preventive measures of COVID 19 led the product to reach all curriculum objectives and achieve the program goals.


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