Spit Don’t Rinse - แปรงแห้ง


  • Sudaduang Krisdapong


               “Spit don’t rinse” is the latest recommendation on toothbrushing technique for dental caries pre-vention by international experts and health organizations. Such the recommendation has drawn attention from the public as well as dental profession of the country. This article, therefore, aims to clarify the issue through an extensive review of literatures on all important aspects. The article starts with the actual benefit of toothbrushing on caries prevention. Suggestion on not rinsing that appears on international recommen-dations. Detailed methods of spit don’t rinse technique. Background research and safety issue regarding this technique. Who should use this technique? The not-rinsing technique can be used to replace fluoride mouthwash, and cannot be replaced by more frequent toothbrushing. When should we brush? Lastly, the article provides a brief summary regarding all important techniques of toothbrushing for dental caries prevention. All contents are based on the best available evidence. Spit don’t rinse has been proven to help decreasing dental caries. The technique can be performed by all people by themselves, not depending on professionals with no additional cost. All people could get the benefit from the technique regardless of their socioeconomic potential. Therefore, spit don’t rinse should be a practical dental public health measure for reducing dental caries and oral health inequalities among population. The author hopes that this article could be used as a guideline for health professionals to inform and suggest the public on the up-to-date knowledge. Health services and practices should be based on the best available evidence, neither believe nor habitual routine. Any change needs time. If the not-rinsing technique has been widely recommended, dental caries in Thai population will soon decrease.

Key words: dental caries, fluoride, prevention and control, post-brushing rinsing, toothbrushing


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