Effect of Using Video Media to Prepare the Patient Before Undergone Anesthesia on Knowledge and Anxiety in Orthopedic Surgery Patients, Phrae Hospital


  • Supang Dumkoengtham Phrae Hospital
  • Yupapron Honsamsijad Phrae Hospital
  • Petsunee Thungjaroenkul Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai


Background:   Surgery is part of a doctor's care and treatment plan, which makes the patient afraid of surgery. It is important to prepare the patient before surgery to assess  and prepare the patient, but there is still a problem that teaching patients is not completely different so if video media is used it helps the patient to learn and understand the information necessary to prepare the patient before undergoing  anesthesia. It will increase knowledge and help reduce anxiety of the patient.

Objective:     This research aimed to study the effect of video media preparing patients before undergoing anesthesia in orthopedic surgery patients Phrae hospital.

Study design: The sample consisted of orthopedic patients in non-urgent surgery 48 cases in Phrae hospital. The period of study is from January - July 2020. Researcher has developed a video media to prepare the patient before undergone anesthesia, Including text, slide, audio and describes how to act to prepare before and after receiving anesthesia, method or type of anesthesia and practices to prevent postoperative complications. There is a test of knowledge and anxiety before and after in the control group and the sample. The sample group watched the video media developed by the researcher. Results of the test scores were analyzed using paired t-test and sign rank test statistics.

Results:         The results of the research showed that the overall knowledge score of the sample group increased more than the control group and anxiety scores in the sample group were lower than the control group. Therefore should be used of the video media to prepare the patient before undergone anesthesia due to the positive effects and acceptance of the patients.

Conclusions:  Video Media to prepare the patient before undergone anesthesia. That increase knowledge and reduce anxiety of the patient before undergone anesthesia.

Keywords:      video media, patient preparation, anesthesia, knowledge, anxiety





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